Yoda Stories, Episode V

It has been a year since my first (fourth?) incomplete foray into telling my personal Star Wars saga.  So now it continues…

We pick up the story on a setting as barren as Hoth: pre-Internet high school. When nerd culture was as marginalized as, well, nerds were when the term was still an insult.  When being a nerdy kid meant being as isolated as Harry Potter on Privet Drive.  When science fiction having it better than fantasy (still fond of you, Willow) in a culture that was still optimistic about economic and technological prospects didn’t mean it was all that much better.  When it was still possible to miss entire continents of what nerd culture was around at the time, such as assuming that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was another dopey Dawson’s Creek-ish teen show.  When owning VHS tapes was a luxury, DVDs were nonexistent, and laserdiscs were assumed to be records.

After I’d seen the Star Wars trilogy, when it was still “the Star Wars trilogy”, Star Wars still loomed large.  It didn’t really matter that there were just three movies; after all, E.T. was ubiquitous with just one.  Sure, there were rumors of a planned “trilogy of trilogies”, but nobody was really sure about them.  (Although we were sure that trilogies would come in threes.)  I never really got into the Expanded Universe, but the existence of such ancillary material was enough to give Star Wars an ever-expanding feel.  The radio dramas even expanded the scope of the trilogy’s stories themselves; not realizing that many of their scenes were not present in the movies, my memory mixed their fleshing-out the storyline in with my memories of the movies.  Long before Disney’s official sequels, the expanded universe sequels and perennial sequel trilogy rumors gave the impression of an amorphously expandable universe that would continue the saga… sort of, eventually.  (They might not have been “official canon” but that wasn’t really a big deal back then.)

The 1995 VHS release was a way to get ahold of the trilogy spiffed up with THX and Leonard Maltin. The “one last time” thing seemed like little more than Disney’s milking the latest VHS re-release with an imminent Disney Vaulting before the inevitable re-re-release.  (Fitting that it fell to them to finally bring Star Wars out of the Lucasfilm Vault.) Without really believing they would displace the originals, and without the Internet to fuel (or even clue in) the more questionable aspects of the changes, the 1997 special editions were a way to see the movies in theaters with changes that were known about, but still assumed to be mostly about updating the production quality.

And as the new millennium loomed near, everything was on the verge of change…

(to be continued)


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