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Willow Rosenberg: the LJN Nintendo sprite!

So, I stumbled on this ridiculously off-model action figure of Alyson Hannigan’s Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:


The completely wrong hair and eye color, the expressionless face utterly lacking the charm of any photo of Hannigan, including the one right next to it on the box… I was baffled at first, but then I realized that it could only be an “I meant to do that” deliberate recreation of a bad 8-bit Nintendo sprite, just like ReAction’s figures for Jason and Freddy based on the infamous LJN games for the NES!



All the history books that tell us that NES games stopped being made three years before the show aired were obviously mistaken!  But what exactly did this game’s version of Willow look like?

Exactly like this:



Free Soil, Free Speech, Free Markets, Free Press

Today I have the very first contributing editorial up at a brand-new outfit, the William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism. Fittingly, since its namesake was a journalist whose voice was dedicated to the abolitionist cause, I had the chance to respond to a very confusing take on abolitionism’s lessons for today.  Founder (and until now sole contributor) Thomas L. Knapp is an old pro at writing, editing and submitting libertarian opinion to mainstream newspapers in a way that gets them to notice; he literally wrote the book on the subject.  And now he has put his unique talents into his own entity devoted solely to the purpose.  He has provided invaluable support for my writing, getting a bunch of my own writing edited and reprinted in newspapers from South Carolina to New Mexico, and in online news outlets worldwide.  This new project should have an equally vast reach.

I have a new article about halftime at The Agony Booth…

… the halftime of Marvel’s Agent Carter miniseries, that is!

This is the second article I’ve written for The Agony Booth, following “Why Star Trek: The Next Generation’s serialization was just right” back in early January.  If you’re interested, you can write something for the ongoing open call for article submissions that led me to contribute both articles!