The September Country

It’s that time of the year again.

The time when, while the “regular” world is just starting to notice Halloween on the horizon, I-Mockery has been celebrating it nonstop for an entire month.  Because that’s what the website does every year: try to TAKE OVER THE WOR… I mean, morph into Two Months of Halloween all September and October long.

One of the most venerable survivors from the early Internet (the “I-” is a parody of dot-com names, not Apple products), the website has kept the spirit of a more laid-back and fun era; despite the “mock” in its name (from an era when “using the Internet to make fun of stuff” was novel), its lampoonery has always been good-humored rather than mean-spirited.  The site’s old-school, endearingly clunky design makes it look like a box o’ goodies waiting to be opened.


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