The 42nd Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Modern School this Saturday and modern school week


This Saturday is your chance to head over to New Brunswick, New Jersey (a short walk from the NJ Transit station) and meet some of the alumni of a unique educational experiment.

I’ve been going to these reunions as an interested outsider for a decade now, and have written intermittently about it over the years on my old blog.  But now that I’m making a new start on this blog, and the reunion will be featuring the long-lived-but-overlooked Lakewood modern school one of whose alumni commented on my old blog, and some guy named Martin Scorsese who collaborated with one of the speakers on film preservation has apparently done kind of well lately, and my New Jersey buddy Darian Worden has just posted his own take on the movement’s history, I hereby declare it modern school week!

So stay tuned for a week of writing about all the stuff I’ve wanted to write about the modern school movement but never did.


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