The End of Summer Halloween Resurrection Day Blogging

Ever since my start as a semi-regular blogger in the old BlogSpot days, whenever I’ve started to notice that I’ve had a longer hiatus from blogging than I realized as a new month is about to roll around, I’ve wanted to get back into gear by posting something, however brief, every single day of the month.  (Yes, this was before microblogging was a thing.)  And then it would be halfway through the month and I’d have nothing up.

But if there’s ever a day worth trying it yet again, it’s a day that’s simultaneously “the end of summer” (in more ways than one), what our chums at I-Mockery reminds us is the official start of Halloween season, and the day I finally realized that it’s actually possible to edit HTML source on rather than have to figure out hosting a real domain to make WordPress usable (but wait, still no <BLINK> tag support?!?).  Let’s hope that I can turn the page on a bleary, frustrating summer season.


6 thoughts on “The End of Summer Halloween Resurrection Day Blogging

    1. joelschlosberg Post author

      Whoa that was fast!

      I was hoping that you’d notice that link eventually, but wow, this thing really works! (My brain is still locked in the mindset of the bad old days of having to manually check every separate webpage for replies…)

      1. joelschlosberg Post author

        I would actually like to figure out how to get everything I need to pay attention to in one place, and the inbox is probably the best place for that. But that would make email even more of an insurmountable chore than it already is…

  1. joelschlosberg Post author

    Well, WordPress hasn’t improved as much as I thought. I finally changed the time zone, but WordPress still thinks this is a September 2 post. I got it in at 11:59PM on the 1st for an unbroken post-every-day-this-month record, dammit!


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