In These Leisure Times

The current issue of In These Times (a periodical which has the distinction of running a socialist advertisement for itself in a Cato Institute publication) has an excellent (and not-yet-online as of 4/28) dialogue on reducing work between Jacobin‘s Peter Frase, The Problem With Work‘s Kathi Weeks, and economist Dean Baker  a very mainstream liberal in many ways who is nevertheless far more open-minded to both radical-leftist and free-market strategy and alliances than his liberal comrades.  It’s one of the few times this side of Doug Henwood’s Behind the News radio interview of Weeks that I can recall of leftists who question the intrinsic value of work-for-its-own-sake being able to have a discussion without being pushed into a defensive crouch, with Baker’s qualms being pragmatic and strategic rather than moralistic.  And it forms a welcome counterweight to the reflexive calls on the left for full employment and public works as panaceas, which are so ubiquitous that on the same page of the print issue there’s a squib about Jill Stein’s Green New Deal.  I thought the Internet deserved an early heads-up, but I will have a more detailed response soon!


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