hello wordpress

Hello, WordPress readers.  Joel Schlosberg here.

You may not know me, or know me from real life (NYC, NYU, NY-Beyond-Zebra, etc.), or from Twitter, or Facebook, or maybe even my original, BlogSpot™-hosted blog where I have been posting increasingly-sporadically since mid-2005.

That blog was my first substantial online presence of any kind, and it was a great learning experience connecting with other bloggers and getting my posts out into “the blogosphere” when that was still the cool new term for the cool new thing online.  Oh, and it was the home of a little accidental project you just possibly may have heard of called The Carl Sagan Memorial Blog-a-Thon.

After getting comfortable with Blogger and accumulating a (very) small regular readership, I assumed that I’d stay on there forever.  The simple interface that was so easy to get started with had everything I needed at the time, which was basically a box to type words into and a “Post” button.  I wanted to have all my stuff in one place, to make it easier for my audience and, even more so, myself.  I didn’t want to come off as flighty by switching to a new blog with every passing mood.  Google™ was giving the Internet an ongoing series of breakthrough benefits as offshoots of pursuing what was good for itself, and they looked like they’d be supporting staple blogging tools like Blogger and Reader for the long haul.

But the bloom simply started coming off, bit by gradual bit.

After I let my audience and inspiration dissipate, my initial energy for posting became mired in spam and nitpicking.  My posting frequency, never particularly high, steadily declined after peaking in 2007.  I spent a couple years being mostly on Twitter.  Google let Blogger stagnate as Internet posting tools moved, then leaped forward, with more and more of the remaining Blogspot holdouts moving on to WordPress.  And then they mercilessly guillotined Reader.

For a while, I just let everything stagnate.  But as time went on, I felt the need to start over, get a fresh web presence a la Matt Caracappa’s move from X-Entertainment to Dinosaur Dracula, and anchor my nascent writing for other websites with my own “Writes Stuff”-type home.

So here I am.

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